Jeff Flake Stabs Trump In Back One Last Time Before Slinking Off To Oblivion


Jeff Flake is headed for oblivion, destined to be noted by history as being the worst of all political cowards.

Look, if he really believes all the nasty things he says about Trump why has he done nothing but talk? A Senator has power, yet all Flake does is whine and complain.

If Trump is this monster then Flake had a duty to actually do something not just whimper to MSNBC about Trump.


So you know he is full of it and his attacks are for show and to promote the fading brand that is Jeff Flake, who is undoubtedly one of the most ridiculed men in Washington.

He deserves the scorn from conservatives and he deserves it from the liberals too, and to prove how out of touch he is, it looks like his arrogance will win the day and he will mount a challenge to Trump in 2020. Talk about deluded.

From The Daily Caller: “Let me ask you this. As you’re leaving Congress, as you’re leaving Washington, you’ve said a Republican needs to challenge Donald Trump in 2020. Is that going to be you on the Republican side, Senator?” CNN’s Jim Acosta asked.

“There are others that seem more willing than I am. I’ve been doing this for 18 years now. It’s – it’s nice to look forward to a little break. But somebody does need to challenge the President,” Flake stated.

“Will you think about it, do you think? Will you consider it?” Acosta followed up.

Flake responded, “Like I said, I haven’t ruled it out, I’m a long way from there. But somebody needs to. I think that the country needs to be reminded what it means to be conservative, certainly on the Republican side, and what it means to be decent as well because we need a lot more of that in our politics.”

The Arizona Senator opted to retire instead of running for reelection last November. Back in August, when asked if he thought he could win a Republican primary for his seat, he said, “Not a chance today.

That won’t always be the case, but it is today. This is the president’s party much to my consternation and I think the long-term detriment to the party. I hope that’s not always the case.



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