Kamala Harris Goes On The View, Slanders President Trump


Kamala Harris is definitely running in 2020 – she has a new book out about her ‘heroic’ rise against all odds, believe me, she is running.

To that aim she went to the one show everyone wonders how it is still on the air – The View – to promote herself and try to hide her past.

It won’t work – she has so many skeletons in her closet from back in the day in California – Willy Brown anyone? That she will never be a serious contender to the ultimate political prize.


Americans can forgive and forget a lot, but the fact is we have still have a bit of a double standard when it comes to women, and Kamala’s skeletons will sink her – it isn’t fair, but it is true.

Kamala basically slandered Trump today on The View to the adoring audience and to the ever obsequious Joy Behar. Just remember Kamala – you can run but you cannot hide from your past.

“We have to keep speaking truth, there’s no question,” Harris said. “When faced with a lie, we have to speak truth.”

Harris called the president a liar and ripped his administration alleging they rigged phony claims about immigration ahead of the midterm elections and are doing it again with the wall.

“We’re two years into an administration that has proven itself that there are statements that are being made that are simply just not the truth, and are frankly — and are frankly often, especially leading up to the midterm, pardon the term, propaganda,” she said.

“We have to call it what it is, and again, the American public deserves better. We have enough problems, one doesn’t need to create a problem.”

“This issue is about a vanity project for this president, and it is a problem of his own making,” Harris said. “Listen, when I travel this country, folks have plenty enough problems that they need their president to focus on instead of a wall.”

“By the way, because I was a prosecutor for many years, including the attorney general of California, (and) I specialized on transnational criminal organizations,” she added. “That wall ain’t gonna stop them.”



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