Kathy Griffin And Stormy Daniels Humiliated In Hollywood


Fame is fleeting, but infamy lasts forever, as Stormy Daniels and Kathy Griffin are finding out the hard way.

They have been vicious antagonists of all things decent and holy in this great nation to say nothing of the hatchet jobs they have done on Trump to foster their own careers.

Rank opportunists they are and they tried to parlay their notoriety into a massive payday over the holidays by pitching the dynamic duo as hosts of a new show.


They got soundly rejected by every network in Hollywood. From The Daily Mail:

Kathy Griffin revealed on Monday that she attempted to get herself back on the airwaves this New Year’s Eve with a new co-host.

The comedian said on Twitter that she had pitched ‘New Year’s Eve live with Kathy Griffin and Stormy Daniels’ but ‘all of the Hollywood check signers were too scared’ to greenlight the telecast.

Griffin, 58, and Daniels, 39, became friends after meeting for the first time earlier this year.

The porn star attended Griffin’s show in Boston this past June, and the two women later posed for a photo that was posted on Twitter.

‘@StormyDaniels it was an honor to have you at my Boston show tonight. I support you 100%! #F***Trump,’ wrote Griffin.

Griffin also went after Jefd Zucker on Monday for cutting her pay when she asked the CNN boss for a raise.

‘I worked my way up by the 10th year at CNN to get a fee of $150,000. By the way, just as a point of reference, Anderson Cooper regularly bragged for years that his annual CNN contract was $10 million a year,’ wrote Griffin on Twitter.

‘The first two years I appeared on CNN, it didn’t even occur to me to ask for a salary. The 8th year when I asked Jeff Zucker for a raise, he was so angry he docked me 30%. I’m sorry to say I took the pay cut because I truly enjoyed making you all laugh.’



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