Lindsey Graham Drops Hammer On Mitt Romney, Ends His Reign Of Terror With Blistering Rebuke


Lindsey Graham is breaking his silence on another Mitt Romney betrayal and Mitt better listen to what he has to say because it just may save the Utah Senator’s political career.

“Well, how does it work to the advantage of the people of Utah?” Lindsey told Brian Kilmeade when Mitt came up.

“He decided to go back into public service; I’m glad he did,” Graham said, “Now, what drove him back into public service? Was it to be a foe of President Trump? I hope not because I don’t think the people of Utah voted for him to do that.”


Lindsey continued explaining Trump’s style: “He really cares about what you think and what more can you ask if you’re a member of the United States Senate than have a chance to talk with the president and share your views.

That will not happen if he believes you are out to get him. So I’m hoping that Mitt will sit down with the president privately, share his concerns with the president about whatever drives his thinking but also commit to the president that I want you to be successful and I’m here to help you.

If he will do that he can be a very effective senator. If he’s going to be the critic from Utah, it’s going to hurt him and Utah.”

“Trump is not short of critics,” Graham went on to say. “What he’s short of is people who will sit down with him and tell him the truth as they see it and help him make good decisions. He is our president. I will support him in 2020.”

“The people who are applauding Romney today for standing up to Trump and going after Trump will turn on Romney the moment he votes for something that they don’t like,” Lindsey reminded Mitt.

“He’s got to learn from Kavanaugh. It’s really not about Trump, it’s about us. It’s about conservatism. They want to destroy the conservative movement, not just Trump.

Kavanaugh was the Bush guy, Brian, he wasn’t the Trump guy. Trump picked somebody from the Bush world who was highly qualified, that brought the party together. Instead of smooth sailing, rewarding the president to pick somebody highly qualified, the Democrats chose to try to destroy Kavanaugh.”

“What I want Sen. Romney to know, it’s not just about Trump — it’s about us,” Graham berated,

“And remember what they tried to do to you, Mitt, when they got through with you? You were a bad guy. The truth is, you’re a good guy, but in their world you will always be a bad guy if you try to cross them on policy,” he added.



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