Lindsey Graham Finds Skeleton In Obama’s Closet, Exposes It On Live TV


Lindsey Graham does not suffer liberal fools and he is never afraid to speak his mind. Graham tells it straight, regardless of who he is talking to and that has earned him immense respect across the aisle in DC.

He does not always agree with Trump and he will tell POTUS what he doesn’t want to hear, which is a good thing – living in the White House bubble is not always healthy, at least according to ex-presidents.

He also agreed with Obama at times and was criticized by the right when he did so, giving Lindsey a unique perspective that deserves attention.


From The Daily Mail: Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed CNN anchor Dana Bash’s account of Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq in 2011 and called it ‘a bunch of bulls***.’

Graham appeared in a ‘State of the Union’ segment early Sunday, when he discussed foreign policy and President Trump’s decision to withdrawal of US forces in Syria. 

While speaking to Graham, the CNN anchorwoman and political correspondent said about the decision: ‘You have said this could pave the way for a second 9/11 in the US… If ISIS reconstitutes itself after the US leaves, does President Trump bear responsibility?’

Graham replied:’ Well, number one, everything we’re dealing with today falls on Obama’s watch. He’s the one who withdrew from Iraq.’

The Obama administration pulled American forces out of Iraq at the end of 2011, in part because United States diplomats failed to close the deal on a Status of Forces agreement that could have provided a legal framework to keep some American troops in place to keep the peace. 

Bash chimed in and said: ‘But he did it because there was a status of forces agreement in Iraq, right?’

Graham replied: ‘No, that’s a bunch of bullsh*t… pardon my French. That’s a complete lie. That’s a complete absolute lie. I’ve been there. 

‘Obama wanted to get to zero, he got to zero. On October 21, 2011, I said that I hope the president is right and I’m wrong, but I fear this decision will come back to haunt us,’ he said. ‘ISIS came about as a result of our withdrawal from Iraq.’ 

Meanwhile, Graham said Sunday that Trump has ordered a slowdown to the withdrawal of US forces in Syria. 

‘I think we’re in a pause situation,’ the South Carolina Republican said outside the White House after lunch with the president.

Trump announced earlier this month that he was ordering the withdrawal of all roughly 2,000 troops from war-torn Syria, with aides expecting it to take place swiftly. 



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