Mother Of Deceased Migrant Child Breaks Silence, Embarrasses Nancy Pelosi


The mother of an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy who died in U.S. custody came clean and just embarrassed Nancy Pelosi and the obstructionist Democrats in the process.

She revealed the real reasons her family made the dangerous journey to the promised land of the United States of America and why a young child made it in the first place.

Look, there may be some of these migrants who are fleeing violence but many more are fleeing poverty.


From The Daily Caller: In an interview with Reuters, Catarina Alonzo said that her husband took her son with him to the border in the hopes that the child would afford them easier entry into the United States.

Instead, 8-year-old Felipe Gomez Alonzo became ill and passed away.

“Lots of them have gone with children and managed to cross, even if they’re held for a month or two. But they always manage to get across easily,” Alonzo told Reuters through sobs.

Alonzo said that her husband, an agricultural worker, wanted to get to the U.S. to find better work to pay off his debts. He also hoped that he could enroll Felipe in a higher quality school.

From Reuters: Marta Larra, a spokeswoman for Guatemala’s Foreign Ministry, said smugglers known as “coyotes” often encourage migrants to take children as a form of “visa.” Many coyotes, she noted, are trusted by migrant families, so their word carries weight.

But Lucas Perez, the mayor of Yalambojoch, said some coyotes are only interested in ripping off people. Still, for many migrants trying to cross the U.S. border, taking a child along was the “only option,” he told Reuters.

Describing migration from the area as “constant,” Perez estimated about 200 people from the tiny village live in the United States.

Agustin Gomez, the boy’s father, has two brothers in the United States he hoped to meet, his wife said.

Next to her hut, laborers worked on a two-story concrete house with a twin-gabled, tiled roof – evidence of the money coming back from the United States, the mayor said.

Under U.S. law, families from countries that do not border the United States cannot be immediately deported, and because of a longstanding legal settlement, there are restrictions on how long U.S. authorities can detain migrant children.

As a result, families with children are often released to await an immigration court hearing, which can be scheduled well into the future due to ballooning backlogs.

U.S. President Donald Trump has tried to reverse the policy, which he calls “catch and release,” but has been blocked by lawsuits in federal court.

In the meantime, Trump’s insistence on building a southern border wall has given coyotes a fresh argument to promote migration, Larra said.

“According to interviews (with migrants), the coyotes are saying ‘it’s now or never’ because the wall is going to be built, and it won’t be possible to cross,” she said.

Our laws are clear and while we are the most generous nation on the earth, we must follow our laws and if people learn how to game them for their benefit we need to change the laws to reflect the real conditions on the ground.

This is not complicated, regardless of what the obstructionist Dems will say.



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