President And Melania Trump Make Surpise Christmas Visit To Frontline Troops


The critics have been going all in on trashing President Trump and blaming him for basically all of the country’s problems.

One unfounded criticism is that Trump hasn’t visited the troops in harm’s way, specifically Iraq in Afghanistan.

The fact is Trump has visited the troops and was planning a visit to the frontlines but the last minute government stalemate that led to a shutdown and threw these plans in disarray… but also presented an opportunity.


If the Democrats took their ball and left Washington to go home, Trump could do the same but instead of going to visit his family, he would go visit the troops.

From ABCPresident Donald Trump went to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq on his first visit to U.S. troops in the the Middle East as president.

First lady Melania Trump joined him on the unscheduled Wednesday visit.

Trump visited with U.S. troops stationed in South Korea in Nov. 2017, but he had yet to visit Americans deployed in the Middle East.

Trump’s immediate predecessors each visited troops in the region much earlier: President George W. Bush first traveled to Baghdad in Nov. 2003, roughly eight months after ordering American troops to Iraq.

President Barack Obama, who first visited Iraq as a senator, made his first trip as commander-in-chief in April 2008, roughly three months after taking office.

 Trump first visited with troops overseas in Italy in May 2017, roughly four months after taking office.

His visit Wednesday, the day after Christmas, continues a long tradition of presidents visiting with service members at home or abroad during the holiday season. On Christmas Day, Trump participated in a video call with service members serving across the country and overseas during the holidays.

Trump’s visit comes after the president’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria surprised Washington, blindsiding lawmakers, members of the administration and American allies across the world and on the ground fighting Islamic State in Syria.



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