Rush Limbaugh Knocks Pelosi Off High Horse, Discovers Way To Build Wall Without Congress


Rush Limbaugh does not suffer liberal fools and the hypocrites in the media easily. He calls them out when they are wrong and they hate him for it.

Rush, speaking on the wall, has a simple solution Trump should use right now because it bypasses the cowards in Congress in a legal way.

Rush wrote, “A couple of people who are not Washington insiders have written an op-ed in the USA Today today. It prints out to four pages, and their basic point is that Trump is only gonna get this wall built if he does it using executive power, that the Congress is never gonna agree to it particularly when the Democrats come back and take control of the House.


It isn’t gonna happen.  They’re never gonna come to an agreement. They’re never gonna give Trump what he wants.

The last thing in the world they’re gonna do is give Trump what he wants while they’re in the middle of trying to bust up Trump’s base — and that is probably true.  Now, I think there would be a way to do it, but it would require shifting public blame for this in a majority sense or basis to the Democrats, who deserve it!  They’re the ones unwilling to capitulate and agree to border security.  It’s no more complicated than that.  They’re unwilling to participate in anything involving border security.

Not just a wall.  They’re unwilling to appropriate any money whatsoever for border security.  So you heard Trump float the idea that he could get money from the defense budget or elsewhere in the federal budget that the executive branch controls and build it that way.  And you’ve heard Chuck Schumer and other Democrats say, “He can’t do that!  He can’t spend money we have not earmarked.  He can’t spend money we have not appropriated.”  It simply isn’t true.

There are all kinds of departments and bureaucracies and areas of the executive branch with unspent money, and Trump can go get whatever he needs from any of those different departments and allocate it, and he can get started building the wall, and he can do it constitutionally on the premise that he is engaging in an act of national security!  He is the executive.  He does not have some of the executive power; he has all of it!

It’s on that basis that if he really wanted to fire Mueller, he could!  If he wanted to fire anybody at the Department of Justice, he could.  He can fire anybody.  He is the only source of power.  It is not divided.  There isn’t a committee.  There’s not a board of directors.  He is the executive, and, as such, he alone has the full power of the executive branch.  And as long as he is executing those powers under the terms of the Constitution, there is nothing anybody can do to him!  The price he pays for blunders in this area is at the ballot box.

The price any president pays is political.

The Democrats vehemently disagree with this but Rush counters that argument with the ghosts of Obama’s past: The Iran deal.

While it is true that most of the $150 billion Obama gave Iran was their cash that had been frozen in the west, there was also $1.7 billion that came from us.

“The Iranian deal was not $150 billion.  It was $1.7 billion.  It came out of something called the judgment fund.  There’s some aspect of this Iran deal, my memory is, that’s 150-something.  And I misspoke when I said $150 billion.  It’s $1.7 billion was the entire deal that Obama arranged to pay Iran in the middle of the negotiations on the Iranian deal. 

But then there were those pallets of cash that were delivered to the tarmac at Tehran international spaceport.  And I’m gonna have to track down that 150.  I know that there was a cash element here, and for some reason this figure of 150 is  being bandied about inside my deep, dark crevices of my fertile cranium, little gray cells.”



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