Sebastian Gorka Wipes Insufferable Smirk Of Ocasio-Cortez’s Face With Brutal History Lesson


The ignorance on the left is nothing new but the arrogant certainty with which they preach their falsehoods is new.

It used to be that some of our politicians knew nothing and rather than open their mouths and remove all doubt they were ignorant, they kept silent.

Not this new crew of socialist all-stars, they refuse to let facts and embarrassment get in the way of their talking points and thankfully we have people like Sebastian Gorka to set the record straight.


From IJR: “Joy to the World!” Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) wrote as people celebrated the birth of Jesus, but she also brought up the idea that Jesus was a “refugee” in the manger — which backfired on the self-proclaimed “democratic socialist.”

Ocasio-Cortez came under fire over her Christmas tweet when she compared it to the immigrants who are at the U.S.-Mexico border.

She has previously compared the migrant caravan to Jewish families fleeing Nazi Germany.
“Merry Christmas everyone – here’s to a holiday filled with happiness, family, and love for all people. (Including refugee babies in mangers + their parents.),” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter.

According to Fox News, Ocasio-Cortez’s statement missed the mark. Fox News’ Samuel Chamberlain wrote:

Mary and Joseph are not depicted as refugees in the Nativity story. According to the Gospel of Luke, Joseph brings the pregnant Mary to Bethlehem so that he may enroll in a census ordered by the Roman emperor Agustus.

The couple are forced to take shelter in the stable where Jesus is born due to a lack of room at the inn.

However, in the Gospel of Matthew, Mary and Joseph flee into Egypt with the infant Jesus after King Herod of Judea orders the murder of every boy aged two and under in Bethlehem after the Magi ask him where to find the newborn “King of the Jews.”

The Holy Family escape the slaughter and are told by an angel to return to Israel once Herod is dead.

Enter Sebastian Gorka:

“You really should read the Bible @Ocasio2018. Mother Mary and St. Joseph were NOT refugees.

In fact, by traveling to The Town of King David as part of the Roman census, they were obeying national laws.

Exactly the opposite of a refugee or an Illegal Alien. Facts: TRY THEM.



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