Triple Amputee War Veteran Wipes Obnoxious Smirk Off Nancy Pelosi’s Face In Hilarious Video


The government shutdown continues with no end in sight and the Democrats have been exposed as hypocrites.

They have voted for the wall in the past and will not again unless they get something major in return – that is what we know.

So Trump asked for a downpayment of $5 billion – paid now rather than never. For that is what the government would do – they would stall and hide and the money would never be earmarked for the wall.


So Trump wants a good faith move by the Democrats now, before they get down to the real negotiation – DACA for the full wall, or whatever grand deal is to be had.

It seems reasonable that Trump would want proof in the form of an upfront commitment from the left before he moves another inch. Which makes the nonsense Pelosi is throwing out there that much more obnoxious.

Enter Brian Kolfage. From The Daily Wire:

A triple amputee war veteran who created a GoFundMe page to collect funds to build a barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border tried to make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put her money where her mouth was.

The California Democrat last week mockingly said she’d give a single dollar for the barrier that President Trump has been pushing since his campaign in 2016. In a press conference, Pelosi was asked by a reporter if there was “any situation in which you would accept even a dollar of wall funding?”

“A dollar?” she said, looking confused as reporters laughed. “A dollar? One dollar?” she said, holding up her index finger and mugging for the camera. “Yeah, one dollar.”

So Brian Kolfage, a triple-amputee veteran and founder of the “We The People Will Fund The Wall” campaign, decided to try to go collect the buck.

“We are going to meet with Nancy Pelosi to collect our one dollar that she said she was going to give toward Trump’s border wall, ” Brian Kolfage says in a Daily Caller video as he rolls along in his wheelchair. “I highly doubt she expected anyone to kind of take her serious and call her out on it, but we’re going to see if she’ll fess up and give us her buck.” 

“We’re taking one dollar at a time to build that wall,” he said. In fact, Kolfage’s campaign has raised $19,294,995 of a $1 billion goal from 319,896 people in 20 days.

Kolfage wasn’t expecting much as he rolled into the Capitol’s visitor center. “I’m sure if this goes through and she meets with me and has like an honest discussion, I think that she’s probably going to try to spin for her own agenda,” he said, noting that everyone in the debate is “playing so many games.”

In the video, a Pelosi aide asks him his name — twice — and goes to check if she can meet with him. “Come out, Nancy,” Kolfage says as he waits, adding that Americans simply want the two sides to come together. He said the GoFundMe page “gave those people a voice they didn’t have.”

In the video, another Pelosi aide comes out and says, “She’s not here right now.” When they inform the woman that they’re there to collect the $1, she smiles and tells them she’ll tell her “you were here and looking for that.”

“They acted like it was some big joke,” Kolfage says. “She’s hiding in her closet trying to avoid us.”



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