Trump Checkmates Chuck Schumer, Shows Nancy Pelosi Who’s Boss


President Trump will soon lay down his ace in the hole and there are a few things to keep in mind because the left will go crazy when he declares a national emergency to get the wall done.

We currently are operating under 28 separate national emergencies, some are still in force from Bill Clinton’s years. Shocking but true.

It seems presidents often use these powers… so when they whine about Trump remember their hypocrisy.


The media and Chuck and Nancy will call it a constitutional crisis, but they will never mention these other national emergencies that we are still under. From CNN:

There are currently 28 concurrent active national emergencies in America — there’s been at least one national emergency for nearly four decades straight.

Declaring a national state of emergency under the National Emergencies Act of 1974 outlines how a president can activate special statutory power during a crisis.

George W. Bush declared 13 emergencies and Barack Obama declared 12 — nearly all of which are still active today. Bill Clinton declared 17 national emergencies, six of which are still active. Ronald Reagan declared six and George H.W. Bush declared four — but all of those have been revoked by now.

The first declaration under the National Emergencies Act of 1974 came during the Iran hostage crisis — a national emergency that is still active today. Jimmy Carter blocked Iranian government property from entering the country. It’s been renewed each year by all presidents since then.

Presidents must renew national emergencies every year because the statute lets emergencies automatically expire after one year.

Trump said he could keep the shutdown going for years, if needed, and turned down Pelosi’s sneak attempt to pass specific bills to keep specific parts of the government open.

Trump said it is all or nothing before dropping the hammer – Trump informed them he could simply declare a national emergency and get the wall funded that way.

From ABC: President Donald Trump is seriously considering potential options to circumvent Congress, including declaring a national emergency, to reprogram funds from the Department of Defense and elsewhere to help pay for parts of his desired border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to multiple sources familiar with the ongoing discussions.

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Sources tell ABC News the discussions are still on the “working level” adding that there’s a range of legal mechanisms that are being considered before such a decision is announced.

The discussions have intensified as the president is now 14 days into a partial government shutdown, facing newly empowered House Democrats who are refusing to budge issue of wall funding.

“We are not doing a wall,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday, calling the proposed structure an “immorality.”

The administration is holding meetings Friday, through the weekend and into next week, to continue discussions on next steps, according to officials.

It was not immediately clear who would be part of those meetings.

On Friday, the president said he had had a “productive” and “very, very good meeting” after talks with top Democrats and other congressional leaders at the White House in an effort to end the partial government shutdown now heading into the third week.

Just minutes earlier, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters outside the White House that Trump told lawmakers in their nearly hour and a half meeting that he is prepared to keep the government closed “for a very long period of time, months or even years.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the meeting “contentious.”



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