Trump Knocks Elizabeth Warren Off High Horse, Fires Off First Shot Of 2020 Campaign


President Trump just took his first shot at his first announced challenger of 2020, Elizabeth Warren, and scored a direct hit.

She is out of her depths against Trump, as are most of the Democratic field. The political landscape has changed and has left the Democrats behind.

A perfect example if the arrogance of Warren – after her DNA test she is a wounded challenger and has little chance in the primary let alone against Trump.


Yet she just announced she will take on Trump. Speaking to Pete Hegseth, Trump said.

“She did very badly in proving that she was of Indian heritage. That didn’t work out too well. I think you have more than she does and maybe I do, too.

And I have nothing. So, you know, we’ll see how she does. I wish her well. I hope she does well. I’d love to run against her.”

“Elizabeth Warren says she’s in the fight all the way Mr. President, do you really think she believes she can win?” Hegseth asked.

“Well, that I don’t know,” Trump shot back. “You’d have to ask her psychiatrist.”

Earlier today, Warren made it official. From The Boston Herald:

Newly re-elected U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has taken her first formal step toward a 2020 presidential run, with the announcement of an exploratory committee Monday.

Warren, 69, a former Harvard Law professor, blasted out a video in the morning of New Years Eve highlighting her humble Oklahoma roots, and saying she was putting together a committee to explore a 2020 run for the Democratic nomination to take on President Trump.

“No matter what our differences, most of us want the same thing,” she said in the video. “To be able to work hard, play by the same set of rules and take care of the people we love. That’s what I’m fighting for and that’s why today I’m launching an exploratory committee for president.”

Later, flanked by her husband, Bruce Mann, and their golden retriever, Bailey, Warren spoke to reporters outside of her Cambridge home, continuing to hammer at a populist-progressive message following the video in which she described the country’s middle class as being “under attack” from elites.

“Right now, Washington works great for the wealthy and well connected — it’s just not working for anyone else,” Warren said.



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